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In addition, all athletes participating in the competition are insured by the Federation throughout the duration of the race, in accordance with the instructions of TAF (Turkish Athletics Federation) special road races. Insurance costs are covered by the organizer.

In case of any of the following items, the relevant competitor will be directly disqualified.< br>
• Not complying with the social distance and health rules specified by the organization before and during the race.

• Transferring the chest number and chip to other persons is grounds for disqualification.

• Leaving or changing the route will result in disqualification of the competitor.

Required Materials

Each participant is obliged to have the following materials with him during the race. Athletes who have missing materials during the material control to be made during registration are not allowed to participate in the race.
Mandatory materials for all participants:
• Head lamp and two spare batteries
• Having your mobile phone with you during the race and must always be open.

In case of emergency, you can reach your colleagues from the phone number above your chest number.

Awards & Sort

• No monetary award is given in Under Armour Night Runs.
• All competitors participating in the race are given participation medals.
• All competitors who are ranked will receive a trophy and a surprise of sponsor brands, if any. Awards are given.
• There is no age category in the race. General ranking will be made in 2 classes as Women and Men.
• Time measurements for both race categories are made according to GUN TIME (collective start time).
Paralympic Category Classification:
A special podium medal will be given to all disabled participants competing in the Under Armour Night Runs. No separate classification will be made.

Tips & Tips

Considering the weather and geographical conditions on the date of the event, it is useful to have the following materials with you;

• A light raincoat
• Bottle carrying apparatus
• Small backpack or waist bag
• Multi-purpose buff / bandana / beret
• Spare clothes

It is recommended that participants bring spare clothes with them in order to change them after the race. These materials will be kept by the organization during the race and delivered at the finish point.

Under Armour Night Runs are held throughout the year on the Belgrad Forest Neşet Suyu track. It is mandatory to run the track with a head lamp. Before coming to the event, make sure that your headlamp is working properly and provides adequate vision.

Health Advice
Respiratory and Those with heart diseases should not participate in the race.
Wear your sports shoes with socks.
Leave the race for a health problem that occurs during the race and seek help from the teams and health officials at the checkpoints.
Adequate training, condition and health, successful A must for a run. Responsibility for this matter belongs to the participants themselves.


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